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admitted that the gluten bread contains less starch

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Antidote to Hydrocyanic Acid. Since hydrocyanic acid is oxi

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disease which a little later carried off one of his own children and

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were to be treated by excision instead of by distal ligation this plan

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under water. Gunpowder contains sulphur and charcoal neither of

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and yet in how many instances has one seen repeated pregnancies safely

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the general testimony is that it is quite useless. Antiseptics such as

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reference. Let us send outdoors only such febrile pneumonics

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prove of service in gout and rheumatism. So far as gout is

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never puts more than two and sometimes only one. Consequently

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presses saturated with liquor plumbi diacetatis or what he

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Pharynx in a Diabetic Patient which was likewise read.

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pear to be the reduction to an absurdity of an otherwise

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losses of blood leave behind no chronic alterations when the intervals

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whether the attack is sudden and the mental state before and

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as soon as presented. One gentleman present wrote his name in so small

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spicuous effects on other organs and functions. It is in short

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as may lead to adequate hospital provision for all cases

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merly a President of the College of Surgeons and now its representa

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distempered heat of the brain in frenzies or through want

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often done daily and may cause more pain than sustaining

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Taenia madagaseariensis. Our knowledge of this taenia is still

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