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symptoms of peritoneal tubercle will be added to those of intestinal.
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looks large and square. In some cases there are shallow grooves corre-
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(2) Nerve impulses, which determine the calibre of the blood vessels
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cases occurring, classified under the latter heading, has tended to become
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York : W. Gordon Lyle, of Xew York : J. Chandler Walker, of
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pressure behind the obstruction leads to an absorption of the bile — partly
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Galvanism, when interrupted, causes the well-known contraction of
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other relatives of lupus patients. The disease has been observed in both
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joint makes a consideration of some points in the surgical anatomy
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Willmot Evans in a recent paper discusses the causes of the localisa-
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stenosis, and of chronic renal disease, the haematemesis is not only, as a
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congested, presenting here and there punctate haemorrhages and, occasion-
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The cerebellum is more frequently affected than any other part, the
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hard, tender nodule, half the size of a split pea was found (Osier's Node). He
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for Sick Children we have been using Jansky's classification for four
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bulb generally fills during the first few minutes after the taking of a
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practitioner meets in his daily rounds is the nausea and
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in this fervice, care fhould be taken to match her as
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right fide, or region of the liver, is hard and dif-
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the Royal Society, from which Mr. Bartlet's is bor-
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assumes the form of an oval bag, or, as it is sometimes described, " like a
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malignant disease of the pylorus. As far as I know, every case on record
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from that city by firing fo many cannons, and burn-
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In order to break down these theories Harvey had first of all to
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liver. In the most common the new growth is deposited in nodules, and
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four fuccefllve nights ; and when the fcabs begin to
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foration of the alimentary tract, whether localised or diffuse. They must