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menstrual blood. Of the various explanations which have been given one

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sugar is excreted from the blood just as is urea. J. H. B.

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23. Catheter once ; — in the morning. To-day he was afflict-

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Note : The method seems to have much to recommend it, especially the

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Again, the smooth line corresponds to the curve most commonly

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discontinuity of movement, and adiadokokinesis. Dysmetria consists in

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and the various normal appearances of the fifth lumbar vertebra are given ;

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proviso that the general opinion is probably erroneous. They finally con-

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needles or unclean glasses) may shorten the clotting-time. Lowering of

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in it, so that the statement that in alkaline urine left exposed to

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lymphatics. Doubtless rapid establishment of collateral flow

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Fonzo reports two cases of musculospiral paralysis of malarial origin

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with in high grades of gastroptosis, and that due to adhesions be-

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infectious diseases : croupous pneumonia, broncho-pneumonia, rheumatic

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contrast between the very large total urobilin elimination in our

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exist without elevation of temperature. In some persons there is

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attached to the pain, except that severe pain in the inner aspect of the

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neuritic muscular hypertrophy.] liev. Neurol, 1921, ii, 802.

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emphysema of the bronchi, but it has little or no importance

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in clinical cases which have been supported by autopsy or explora-

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autopsie. Lesions de nevraxite a predominance bulbaire et cervicale. Bull, et

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I found her with slight pains, walking about the house, and

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the experiment has been made. Stimulation of the peripheral cut ends of

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Dick. Diagnostic Value of Urobilin in Gynecology, Archiv f. Gyn., 1884, xxiii,

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stationary but without increase of weight. Soon after discharge he was

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different grades of severity, rats have been closely observed in their habits

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titled to the reputation which it has acquired by the researches

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advantage of the square of the distance law can be taken.

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application by cross-fire from the cutaneous and mucous surfaces is

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present author has made a number of tests on the blood of three individuals