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Since trivial head injuries are the ones calculated to produce chronic sub-
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Bressel, E. Ueber die Eigenharnreaktion bei Lungentuberkulose. Deutsche
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up to a total of 16 to 20 injections. Collargol in doses of 0-05 to 0-1 gm.
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been transient, lasting an hour or two, or at most twelve hours, but some-
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manner, be secured to the trunkless head, in order to extract
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Substituted Pyrolles, Zeit. f. Physiol. Chem., 1912, Ixxvi, 478.
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from conversing with Mr Todd Professor in Anatomy and Sur-
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Now for the first time the joint cavity is opened in order to permit
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the catheter, and the parietes of the urethra ; which would
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render unreliable and even worthless the results obtainable by the final
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urobilinogen was produced in decomposing bile we are inclined to
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nosis, being subsequently confirmed by finding tubercle bacilli.
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sions of the fifth pair. But conjectures concerning organic
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tree bark. This was followed by copious evacuations from the
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description of the arrhythmia by the patient himself. My data
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thoracic zone, and avoid constipation, the latter, of course, largely
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discharged on Noveml)er l.S, 1911, having gained six pounds in weight,
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puncture. On the 10th it was introduced by intracerebral injection into
appearance of moisture upon the skin, are generally signs of
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dysentery bacillus create for one another. The amoeba of dysentery and
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subsequently succumbed to uremia as against three who died a
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Corraz also found that there is no essential difference between primary
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probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin
described by Fowler, Walter Carr,"" and others in England, but
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cold ; wounds do not heal well ; and all the actions of this system un-
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reaction; active syphilis.] Hosp.-Tid., 1921, 64, 315-19.
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and unobservant, and early symptoms are apt to pass unnoticed.
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sex incidence of pernicious anaemia, with the following results: (1) Edin-
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ed by others, and that its propagation is dependent upon con-
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presumably owing to the gradual development of inflammatory