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A total of 1 Mj. is required in Dermatology — for graduation. Instruction is given by
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recommend atropin or tincture of belladonna, sodium phosphate in daily doses
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subjects, conducted by a foreign or colonial corporation, the Council
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. b. iihe^atttldHmlon fbr a clinic fund H received, prepare a letter to the Sase
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thr.o^^ilf.'^''"'- iin^aetaii., tncrer>y p,:Hs\ng. these document^ a mrt
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candidates. Treasv/refi^B Prize: Subject of examination: Practical
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Clinical History. — -The disease does not usually begin suddenly. There is
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any of the ordinary manuals. Candidates will be expected to under-
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y...e Dutyric rancidUy. To insure that this rancidity does not devel^' ^.e owder
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the necessary preliminary examination recognised by the Ontario
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cord on the same side (secondary degeneration of the
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•or f alL Graduates of other accredited colleges are examined in all the
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or, finally, the drawing out of the nerve — so-called exeresis. A detailed ac-
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disc, although the retina still exhibits its normal transparency. It is not
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a small part is deposited in the muscles likewise as glycogen. The liver is the
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an occasional slow reflex twitch, or a motion as if to ward off the tormentor.
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the spinal cord about the level of the second to the fouith lumbar roots, and
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the cotirses required by the Ezamiiiing Boards: First year, £45;
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without the fullest proof of proficiency. The Ministry have the power
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Practical Anatomy. Third Year^ — ^Anatomy; Qeneral, Descriptive,
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102, 103. Physiology of the Human Body. — Autumn, Winter, University College,
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knee, or if we try to extend the foot dorsally, we find it almost impossible to
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AUeraUon of BegulcUiqna for the Professional ExamdnaMons for
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the treatment in early life so that the child may develop normally and obtain
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The two divisions which may be attended by the medical student as
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(1) Peculiar evidences of motor irritation, evinced by tremor, and (2) a con-
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absorbed by the cells. That chronic nephritis may complicate diabetes has