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phobia and contracted pupils are among the early symptoms of meningitis,
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whether they have the disease. If they have, the animal should be
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heart-cavities, either a short time before death, or they may have existed
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lever. In this way, the coronoid process is lifted out of the olecranon
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remembered that of all phlegmasiae of advanced life, pneumonia is the
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occur from complications. Usually they pass into a typhoid condition, the
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urine is usually albuminous. The pulse becomes frequent and feeble ; the
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diffuse or localized purulent infiltration of the tubercular and inflamma-
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of *' taking cold," without some special predisposition, such as long-contin-
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is often diseased, and that ligation some distance above is safer.
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in the female is much easier than in the male. Frequent douching with
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than in males ; certain localities predisjDose to it, and the tendency to it is
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hypenemia and swelling of the mucous membrane, and the affected glands
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Intestinal obstruction may be mistaken for colic (or cnternlgia) peri
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should not be overtaxed. Everything which will have a tendency to
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If the shaft of the bone dies, a short longitudinal incision should be
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ening is determined by measuring from the acromion process to the
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weakness, so that the first sound may become inaudible. There is a soft sys-
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Etiology. — Quinsy is rare in those under twelve years of age, but it is more
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oedema glottidis : one case terminated fatally before I reached the patient ; life was saved in the othei
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tion. Some operators give chloroform first, and after complete anes-
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Cause. — The cause of the disease is the streptococci and the staphy-
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La«tlv-Seui7stBiniM for t li Ji il LNG STICK. Mikes the
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and often husky tone. Chronic catarrhal stomatitis frequently accompanies
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effects a permanent cure. Asthmatic patients are usually dyspeptic ; and
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■water was given every four hours in the case of a negro, and recovery
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the general condition of the patient. In the ulcerative, hemorrhagic, and
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the companion bone, the fibula, i^ uninjured. The diagnosis of the in-
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pressed cicatrices of the pleura and dense fibrous adhesions. Upon section there is seen a dense lissne
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the heart ; when this is the case it indicates that only a small extent of the
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