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• For analysis of 202 cases, and facta bearing on the theory that the semilunar
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- — 236 — 2]./or capable of, rr«(/ not only capable of.
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The reflex rise of blood-pressure due to the stimulation of the
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2nd. The blood of the vena porta does not generally coagulate,
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turned to an object with attention, it will be seen with greater
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man, therefore, contains the surface distribution of these three
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limbs (paraplegia); sometimes an upper limb is also paralyzed. The
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loss of these cells, but four of the number, three negroes and one
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the head-plate in a definite direction, i.e,, from a fixed point
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points of contact in order that each may be separately felt, the more the
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ner C05) between the chorda tympani and the great superficial
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counted for by a censurable ignorance or neglect of these means.
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and hand areas, and that they are least in area 2, the neck area.
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June, 1853, by Dr. John H. Griscom, an account is given of 82 cases of
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Although these vessels project into the venous cavities, yet
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rounded. ^J'he existence of peritoneal dropsy in some cases aids in the
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the frequency and feebleness of the pulse, with coolness of the surface,
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toms of narcotism liave made their appearance, recovery ensues. —
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tration, feebleness and irregularity of the pulse, coldness of the extremi-
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tenderness was now felt in the right epigastric region only.
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muscle branches of the N. masticatorius. It might be mentioned
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Febrile movement follows, varying in intensity in different cases, accom-
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affected, is oftener retarded than accelerated, exclusive, of course, of the
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except in their blue colour. After all inclination to vomit has
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processes and ciliary ligament as far as the edge of the cornea.
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alike to the general aud the special practitioner. Not tion of spectacles, and is admirably compact, plain, and
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abundant, and it may recur repeatedly during the- continuance of the
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second^ the eflfects of the inflammation. In order to prevent stiffness and
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pounds that are but slightly available to other tissues, because
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to tliose already mentioned, paralysis, either complete or incomplete, of
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topical applications which have been heretofore in vogue, and to content
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are comparatively mild, general debility, mental depression, pain in the
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considerable proportion of cases. It is, however, less frequent than has
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border, the neuroplasmatic anastomoses and the perifibrillary
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in cerebral meningitis, namely, the arachnoid and pia mater of the cord,
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smell. If we test them by the principles just laid down, more
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figures of reference, with descriptions at the foot. They thus form a complete and splendid series,
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mental faculties are not developed by education and those occupations
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fatally ; in five cases the recovery is known to have been complete ; in
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was recommended, and performed exactly as in the former case.
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explained by reference to the mechanism of deglutition ; which
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morning she took the aperient medicine, which operated freely,
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The cases of this description recorded in medical writings
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