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villages taken as a whole, but that the lack of pellagra could not
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of the total number of cases of auricular fibrillation studied electro-
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North American cases. For consistency, therefore, we have dropped
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because of functional improvement of the ventricles. The patient was a woman
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signs of a large aneurysm of the abdominal aorta, there had been
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of urea and the diuresis. Nevertheless, the factor did not remain
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In choosing between these different forms of treatment, the practi-
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patients contained many punctate hemorrhages, and on microscopic
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The observations upon the morbid anatomy of cretinism are few
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as sodium chlorid and nitrogen excretion. The increased phosphorus
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mononuclear cells contained the stain, and the few irregularly shaped,
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lucinations are extremely clear and distinct. For example, one of my
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phate must be taken into consideration, as well as any possible remote
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tenable by Schiff 's experiments and also by those of Fuhr, Herzen,
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grams on this date were of the same form as seen previous to the period of
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disease is a negative conception, and signifies something less than this
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was cut into sections and subjected to thorough study.
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of which gradually increases. The capillaries which have arrived at
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TABLE 4. — Relationship Existing When There Were Two or
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become lodged in the capillaries. After a variable period some of the
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the diastole. The murmur is, therefore, synchronous with the sec-
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increased to 20-24, but respiration is in no way seriously affected or
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sufficiency may be entirely absent when the mitral insufficiency is
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Symptoms. — In the cases of non-obliterating phlebitis the symp-
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who Survived the Year of Initial Attack Previous to 1914
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rapid as to cease* to fill the vessels, with evidence of cyanosis and
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marked dicrotism without the patient manifesting the signs of fail-
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brain, as in dementia paralytica, where the patient is not cognizant
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phorus and sulphur occurred in the final period, while the highest
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disturbances were present on the side on which the motor function was
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short time. It was my conviction that the patient's suffering was
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series, and in six of these micro-organisms having the characteristics
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Two cases have been recorded by Kohler in one 16 of which the
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to be the results of infection ; and the remoter causes are apt to be
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Summary of the Action of the Drugs on the Rate and Amplitude of the Excursions and on
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neous. "Wounds of the heart chiefly concern the right ventricle
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phlorizin diabetes are thus best explainable as the result of the toxic
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