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to dry completely if their permeability is to be retained after heat

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phenomena of fermentation. In the one as in the other

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few hours afterward. He was brought to the ward and soon

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The stereoroentgenograms of the chest Fig. revealed a definite retraction

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ject of gelsemin in which the following remark is made in regard to

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and with oblique division of the tissues and when so treated

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clot and obliteration of the sac under conditions approximat

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Legislature to Examine into the Matter of Tuberculosis of

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practice. Dr. Shoemaker was presented with a silver shield

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Specific Gravity. In healtK the specific gravity of the blood

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the column of Clarke the scattered cells of the posterior

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or heavy blow on upper and outer end of humerus. Symp

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than sheep and sheep very much more than pigs. For a

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position during the setting of the fracture and then to im

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circulation through the nerves. We can easily understand

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