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similar treatment she rapidly recovered. In the third case
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in prognosis and exceedingly cautious in prescription.
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The Exciting Cause. The infecting agent is Bacillus typhi exanthe
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edy heretofore discovered. If therefore it can be shown
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life some species are tenacious of their special characters while others are
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not be absorbed in sufficient amount to effect the purpose.
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hoped that we may soon have some published results from
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the pleural cavity. The patient s condition was manifestly im
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fistula. Fatty change is not conspicuous. Phagocytic endothelial cells con
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sented the following report of the Reference Committee on Hy
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to avail himself of the numerous clinical courses delivered in the
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was made for the tubercle bacillus but it was not found.
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tutional symptoms. From many facts in regard to them he shows
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and mycotic characters of the lesions will afford the means of
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and convenient for preservation the portraits of the Fathers of
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The inner tube is the outlet the air in it being kept
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extent and have some faith in though it stands low in the list
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merable tumor masses varying in size separated from each other by strands
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selected somewhat arbitrarily as three months in the warmer season
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sulphuric acid or chloride of zinc this colour is changed to blue.
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each eye when the most alarming symptoms set in the child
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after recounting the troubles and symptoms of micturition
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ease but their opportunities are not to be compared with those enjoyed
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have hitherto been discovered. I have examined many cases of looseness
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the case is very severe give immediately or as soon as
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cranium resting upon the brain. It certainly occurs most
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character as the posterior columns being composed of ver
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affairs vigilance in sanitary matters must not cease and we as
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as it may happen through the serous or bloody fluid interposed
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If the attacks in the bladder prostate or urethra are due to
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and water is to break up the single column of water into a
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years in persons of originally vigorous constitution and advanced
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which the kidneys were examined by Murchison the morbid appear
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cles are at first taken into the stomach with the food and that
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battlefield in consequence of an insuificieney of ambulances
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overlooked is shown by the recent experiments with the
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belts and of wet applications on different parts of the body. The success
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ing of a putrefying mass of vegetables the exhalation from
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ture of F. after allowing it to run for a minute rapidly
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soon as the plaster dressing had become hard enough. In
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all cases if no symptoms appear. During incubation xo
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cultivate in aqueous humor. He made inoculations with