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should be carefully introduced into the rectum. On the seventh or

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types observed in the North instead of having direct types of their

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is puffy and wheezy. Asthmatic Attacks The dyspnoea under certain

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neuralgic condition has followed mental or physical exhaustion and

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IN the employment of water as a therapeutic means it is

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known however for his classical work on Fractures and Dis

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Treatment is not always satisfactory though a certain

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Service Road West. Old bituminous walks were replaced with concrete at the

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which enters into unions by pseudarthrosis. The fingers hand and

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than a hundred voices that these resolutions be laid

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of syphilis by Merlusan. The trials covered forty cases.

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sections of these respective states have assumed unique

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the upper jaw. It was pigmented and within the mass could be

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and prospered and more accommodation for lecture rooms was re

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Morbid Anatomy. The sclerotic areas are widely distributed through

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and mental impairment. It is impossible here to work out

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Societies by a dagger f while those whose residence is doubtful

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complication and recovered without any special incidents.

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the spasms were increasing in frequency and power till a

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work or as the author has expressed it in his preface have served

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ing sound doctrine. We have heard it advocated by highly respectable obste

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the danger of contracting erysipeloid which is sometimes spoken of as

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burning and pricking sensations in the affected skin. The skin is red

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may have received an accession of the sarcomatous element

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convalescence. At first the growth of the tumor was slow

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Brown reported a case where in addition to an acute

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DLXXV. For the avoiding debilitating causes I must refer

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vertigo increased sensibihty to light and brightness of the eyes injection of

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tricity in the air. It becomes enzootic in such cases. Horses

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statistical reports and circulars issued from the Surgeon

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ABERCROMBIE ON THE BRA N. Pathological and Practical Researches on the Dis

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while making diligent observations in the hospitals then came

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suing their studies they must know that accuracy and