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he should be required to keep a record of the cocaine alleged
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The present case is that of a lady of 75 years, who had no clear
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seems almost incredible that it should belong among the recognized
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occur in animals of the lower order — such as bil:*ds, reptiles, and fishes —
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the present time, that is, since the discovery of Koch's bacillus, we will
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diagnosis could be made, except, perhaps, in a more or less accidental
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has some slight vesical weakness and for a long time he had a constant
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fistulse are present, it is found that injections into the fistulse themselves are
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transverse folds similar to those in the vagina ; between the folds were often
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with its pericardial sac adherent. The whole, divested of extraneous
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the condition in which I found this patient's, there was reason for con-
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Assembly on the question of whether he or she is in favor of or
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little work or poor work, his compensation is small. If however,
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case dies if not operated on and relieved with speed. To the
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every case presenting symptoms similar to those detailed, and an
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stricture is the logical sequence. And whether this results or
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fore diminishing the amount of carbonic acid in the atmosphere, the
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stipation, but am not disposed to question its existence. My
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tests should not constitute the exclusive method of examination,
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which has been instrumental in drenching Russia with its best
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extended studies have been made during the past fifteen years in the
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cavities were*^[scraped, injected with corrosive sublimate solution and anti-
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follows : Everything has been added to make the book complete up to
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is in cases where there is a considerably indurated duodenal ulcer, where
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tried in smaller doses on the same patients; no disturbance of the heart's
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We have also had occasion to see pathological fractures par-
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opening by chiselling off layers of bone ; cured in two and a half months.
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Histology. The histologic examination has been chiefly con-
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It has been suggested that a physicians' guild be initiated,
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owing to the change in the gubernatorial office. That, unfor-
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It is not the purpose of this brief paper to enter into a discussion
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The knee, entire joint and even adjoining parts were washed with soap
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tissues concerned, but more or less elaborate treatment is given of com-
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neurological symptoms of a type unfamiliar in the neuroses.
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maternal infection, incision of the cervix to the level of the vaginal attach-