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the peritoneal cavity or into the subcutaneous tissue " as a possible
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reaction, that is, inhibition diminishes with the concentration of salt
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family differences have all the characteristics of biotypes or blood lines,
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effects were observed from the calcium administration.
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Neurasthenic cases occur likewise in younger subjects with other
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change of posture of the patient, by pressure with the stethoscope,
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culosis, it is, I think, impossible for any one acquainted with the facts to
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fourth, while the persons interviewed were in most cases willing to
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viduals show mental symptoms. In the following families mental
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believe that elephantiasis is related to malaria recommend removal
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considerable, being quite marked in about one-half the cases ; several
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tissue, it is now the size of a crow quill, impervious, and tending to
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describes it as especially of the form of expiratory dyspnoea in one
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to call for notice in fifty-two per cent. When the granular kidney was
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the 1 to 500 solution and one with the 1 to 1 ,000.
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iodide of potassium as recommended by Bouillaud and Balfour.
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who operates a slaughter house on the outskirts of Spartanburg. Mr.
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stuff " from which the bosom must be cleansed is no more a disease
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the insane had mental relapses, one relapse being only slight and tem-
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taken place within the aneurysmal sac. The flexion should then be