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hypertrophic muscular dystrophy. If seated he rises with
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Case II. M. D. — The specimens removed consists of the
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glow of the spot light under the full spell of pleasure
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easily aft'ected by the bile salts, while pneumococci
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for the disease to make its appearance, but, as soon as
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knife a little longer! " It is questionable if that great boon of the
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into the interior of h\» own eye», and follow the movements which
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it depends on the fact that after a dose of amino-acids
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forceps was applied to the cervix which was not fully
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per disposition of weight among the different parts ; facility and
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that syphilis could not be demonstrated in most in-
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exquisitely designed instrument, by the aid of which the pulse is
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and it gradually became flatter aod denser, by the deposition of
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were practically enforced, would not the character of our Profession
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we might consider the tumoiu's and developmental abnor-
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" He goes down stairs holding the banisters, but finds
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operator can see what he is doing was very remarkable. His
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In Texas and other southern regions, it is very com-
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recover. The most interesting case was that in which the
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ach is filled with food. See that the harness does not
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of the diet was still derived from the carrots, the
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ing to their ability to withstand the effects of oxygen
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body to ossif3^ or turn into bone. This condition some-
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silver in the prophylactic treatment of ophthalmia, and
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menstrual history ; herein lay important indices guid-
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union, they varied from ten to sixty per cent., the
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and presented slightly whitish coat. Throat chroni-
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itself are so striking in appearance, that when once seen, they can
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greater intensity, the longer and the more vigorously it is applied,
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plan to give more than one or two enemas, as they are
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Mr. J. Boyd Barrett showed a child with webbed fingers
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necessary to use it, yet when it is needed it is usually
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end of one pipe is made slightly conical, and accurately turned so as
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soreness of the throat and free flow of saliva continued for
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space ^\hic]l lies dee|)1y between the flexor tendons and the
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by the use of '* a plant, indigenous to the mountains of Virginia ; but tmknawn, <u yet,