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elements can also be very readily determined by inspection and palpation

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tion followed by one of expansion or reaction and this again followed

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health except the habit of using one word for another and of not

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joints. If they cannot always give positive information they often

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them. Similar results follow the addition to parasitic blood in vitro

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out alcohol all recover. I have not known of a ainulc death

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statements of Dr. Dewar. Angus Smith also eulogizes its properties on

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bowels which has an offensive odor the discharge is

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After death oedema was present in the scrotum blood issued from

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tion. We were then surprised to find that cultures from both pleural

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hands he had performed nine operations for the relief

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Now what is meant by apoplexy t According to its etymology it means

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doth wonderfully help all wounds that have inflamma

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diagnosis is not made out till late and that secondary ex

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versities give a training which makes itself manifest

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the primary source of the morbid movement may reside either in

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most marked in the upper part. The rest of the small intestine

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or breaking the skin the milk should be withdrawn by

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scales is always considerably redder than the surrounding

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