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In October, i860, I matriculated in the Medical Depart-

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tional disturbances of the sympathetic and pneumogastric nerves.

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and repeated every four hours, the bath temperature being lowered

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rather than a reflex change; in other words, that the normal condi-

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Compatible with almost any other medicinal agent likely

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total amount per day required to cut short the intermittents is from 16

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thoroughly cancellous bone, when the bone is covered with thick

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from alcohol or opium, or any other intoxicant. After some

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liave become startled by an idea and lose control of themselves.

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be perfect, for both his own protection and for the protection

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both for good and evil. I beg of you not to use it therapeu-

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uncertain, and our treatment is empirical. " A steady in- and out-

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absolutely the founder of plastic gynaecological operations. I

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minimum — summer and winter — obtain. Autumn has, however, the

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fected cervical glands, chiefly the submaxillary. At first the glands

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ture of the flexors which prevents the full straightening of the leg.

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if turpentine be administered in suitable doses throughout, both tym-

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able what a calmative and soothing effect such a nurse may have

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and thirty -five more or less desperate cases of sciatica treated at Kal-

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*J. Jaworski, Monatsschrift fur praktische Wasserheilkunde, January,

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ically, by hyperplasia and sloughing of Peyer's patches ; and clinically

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gery. As to comforts for either students, or even the pro-

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Sherry is often too alcoholic and has the effect of spirits, and

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(3) Lesions of the Skin and of Mucous and Serous Membranes. — At

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length of the typical malarial paroxysm ranges, in all save exceptional

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of the affected part in the acute stage, and by alternating rest and ex-

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and it so affects tissue metabolism as to produce gout, going

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and Angel Islands. The Presidio has fine grounds well laid

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evident effect of the cold bath ; a few trials will convince any one of

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full doses subcutaneously. It acts by stimulating the vasomo-