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oval in shape but often present an irregular sinuous outline. The

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fanticide the natural or unnatural death of the infant and

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commonly met with. Owing to the friable nature of its par

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these changes in so far as concerns their nature seat and pathological

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threatening convulsions. He was agitated and sobbed like a

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The patient died from exhaustion soon after the close

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A tablespoon is commonly supposed to contain half an ounce it

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to have been no faecal discharge until the sixth day but

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a erient but the urine was greenish yellow containing brownish

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exists in foot rot the best method when the affection is

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ric habits. The greater part of the patients I have seen affected

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others he had seen led him to disagree with this statement of the

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Operation in all cases of gall bladder infection whether calculous

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particular air tubes and blood vessels as will be exxjlained

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of the facts can hardly fail to produce. Altogether apart from

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tubercle bacilli under the skin of the shoulder began excreting

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