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more than the possibility of being more outdoors and leading a life more in

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of systole, and ajtaiii at tin' l)Oi;iiiiiinj; ol' diastole. Nevertheless tli.

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may be done to lessen the marked bowing, with the convexity backward,

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operative treatment are important factors in shortening its duration. The

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was the work of Koch, Traube, Lister, Klebs, and others which gave to

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Streptococcus pyogenes, Bacillus typhosus, sarcina, and even Bacillus pro-

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creatic juice, these woi'kers arcfully se\ered all the nerve connections of

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or fatal results had followed in 7, no improvement in 49, improvement in

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!7t>. As iljusti'atilii: the e.xtteine aeeur,ie_\ 111' even the laiji'est iif tiles,

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ihe liver, this is indeed tlie only nietiiod tliat ean be employed, the

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liar interest, I could not forbear considering, that

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the patient refuses operative treatment, which all statistics show to be not

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a fastinu- animal, and the (piestion remains to In nsidered. Wlnil hr-

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There are, at present, two main theories. The first one considers the process

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li' 'ji'iieral elTccI of the \aL'Us in Imlh i.'rnups of animals is the same.

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tfiit. Imt lii'i-iimiiiLr s,, lii'jhly .-m nlratfil at tlif int.'rl'ai-f lii'l\M',.n tiir

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of a swelling noticeable to the patient is rare, and occurred in only 3 of these

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he used with <;reat aeeurae.\ and will serve as a valliahle clu'ck on tl'

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with the possibility of these kept in view and the need of excluding them

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tology may be restricted to this group of muscles throughout the entire

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\ideil till' stiiniili arc of cipial slreiii;tli ( l''iir. 4(>i.

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by the presence of lymphoid collections (lymphorrnages) in the heart, liver,

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effusion into the pleiu'al sacs occurs in a certain number of instances. This

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age of fifty. The first symptoms were usually frequency of urination, some-

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and without adrenal preparations, and postpone tuberculin tests until the

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of drugs, sera, or such things as raw kidneys, seems to be wholly without

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tubercle bacillus by the ordinary methods, and by animal inoculation in all

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thyroid, and their pathological relations have been thought to be so inti-

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wrists, considerable puffy swelling extending above and below the joints.

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arrangement of the normal kidney. In other places the celb are arranged

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des Wachstumsy translated bv Spiegelberg, Munich, 1900) for the identity of rickets

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destroyed and the absorption of the poisons formed is rendered easy; ob-

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of small, round alveoli lying quite separate from one another in an abundant

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Mimi'nw ill iis niiriiiii' rnmlitinii is lint nlili' tn proiliii'o n I'i'sistniit •

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The tumors are never adherent or matted together except from some second-

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